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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Tip #2: The Importance of Event Lighting

(Image via Amber Event Design)

As a wedding designer I always suggest to my clients to try to make room for lighting in their budget. It is one of the categories that is often overlooked. Lighting can dramatically change the mood and look of your event from monotonous to fabulous. With the help of lighting your centerpieces, interior space, cake and dance floor is immediately enhanced. Does your reception site contain bothersome decor like stained walls or peeling wallpaper? Lighting can help drop them in the shadows and focus on the strong points of your decor.

(Image via Amber Event Design)

A friend of mine attended a wedding a few years ago in Los Angeles. Each table centerpiece was decorated beautifully with elaborate floral arrangements costing the couple more than $10,000. However, the room was too dark to appreciate the centerpieces. If you're spending money on flowers, cake, or table linens you'd want to enhance these strong points with lighting. Not only will your guests look great in a well lit room, but they will go home with a lasting impression of your wedding.

Although lighting can get a little pricey depending on what is needed, there are inexpensive ways to enhance your reception decor:

1) String twinkle lights on trees or with ceiling swags of chiffon.

2) Dress tables with candles to give a nice glow. Most reception sites have dimmer switches. If your reception site has them, make sure the lights are dimmed about a third. Candles alone will not give enough light in the room if you dim the lights all the way down.

3) A gobo pattern or monogram radiating on the wall or dance floor can add an elegant touch.


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